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Your studies

Your opportunities

Your training

You choose

a healthcare profession with optimal prospects for the future and a job guarantee of virtually 100%.

You receive

a high standard of training. All of our instructors hold academic degrees and have practical working experience with patients.

You benefit

from our unique teaching concept with immediate practical relevance. As early as the third semester, your training incorporates working with patients in the clinic. Put the acquired knowledge into practice while working directly with patients in small groups under qualified supervision. This means you are not only ideally prepared for the exam but also for a successful start to your career.

You recognise

your strengths and turn your long-term vision into reality. To this end, we offer a wide range of certified advanced training courses with which you can further expand your qualifications. You may even realise your vision of opening your own physiotherapy practice. We help you achieve your goals.

You obtain

an academic degree in physiotherapy (B.Sc.) in addition to your professional training.

You want

to better understand the scientific background of physiotherapy and thus add value to your work as physiotherapist.

You value

evidence-based practice, clinical reasoning and scientific working techniques.

You view

physiotherapy from a research-oriented perspective.

You base

your treatment methods on data and studies.

You strive

for skilled work and management positions within the health sector or in corporate health management.

Your studies

Your opportunities

Blended Learning

A new kind of teaching!

Social Learning

Get the help you need!


You are unique – develop your talents!

Blended Learning

A new kind of teaching!

You learn

with carefully selected and ideally compiled combinations of the best digital and analogue formats.

You learn

how to work independently with digital formats and use them in a conscientious manner.

You learn

to identify your own preferred learning styles which take into account your personal working environment.

Social Learning

Get the help you need!

You learn

how to reap the benefits of social interaction for your personality and learning results.

You learn

how to work on joint tasks and utilise educational content with ease and enjoyment.

You learn

to recognise and enhance your social skills. We communicate on an equal footing without hierarchical barriers.

You learn

how to pass on your knowledge, exchange knowledge and experience personal growth.

You learn

how to offer and accept feedback.

You learn

how to develop your communication skills, capacity for teamwork and organisational talent.


You are unique – develop your talents!​

You are

you - one of a kind.

You see

the world and your fellow human beings as colourful and diverse.

You listen

to your feelings and are empathetic.

You feel

involved and reject discrimination of all kinds.

You are

welcome to join us.

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Joy and ease in learning are important to me.

I value learning together in groups.

I like to give feedback and accept it myself.

I reject any kind of discrimination.

I am open to analog and digital learning formats.

I attach great importance to the development of my personality.

Sustainable knowledge acquisition is important to me.

I would like to combine theory and practice.

I am empathic.

My professional success is important to me.

Collegiality is important to me.

My health is important to me.

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Learning with joy and ease★★★★
Learning together
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Personality development
Sustainable knowledge acquisition
Success orientation
Interaction at eye level

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Address: Akademie für angewandte Bewegungswissenschaften gGmbH, Walter-Krause-Str. 11, 68163 Mannheim, Germany. You will find us through entrance B on the 4th floor.

The training at our school corresponds to the requirements of the training and examination regulations for physiotherapists (Masseur and Physiotherapist Act of Germany – MPhG). By successfully completing the training you obtain the official occupational permit to work as a physiotherapist.

The training period is 3 years.

You will study at the German University for Health and Sport (DHGS). We will be happy to provide further details at your personal appointment

The duration of study can be adapted to your individual needs. We will be happy to provide further details at your personal appointment.

The course of study is offered as a semi-virtual course, i.e. a combination of remote online study and face-to-face study in Mannheim. This saves you long journeys and thus time which you can then put to better use.

For only 165€ per month, the physiotherapy training provides you with optimum prospects in the future market of healthcare as well as the great feeling of being able to help others through your work.

Mannheim and the metropolitan region of Rhein-Neckar have excellent transport links and offer a high standard of living. For more information,

You should have at least a secondary school-leaving certificate or equivalent qualifications. With an advanced technical college certificate or A level qualifications, you can also take a course of study alongside the training.

To find out quickly whether your desires and inclinations are suited to physiotherapy, take this quick check and then simply book your personal appointment. You can of course also apply directly

The training can be started on 1 February or 1 August.

Our unique teaching concept will help to keep you committed in several ways. The perfect combination of analog and digital learning opportunities means you acquire a sustainable level of knowledge virtually independently of time and location. You will also be able to count on valuable assistance from the class community and instructors, meaning that you get the best possible support in order to realize your career goals.

We are pioneers in terms of digitisation in the field of physiotherapy. All documents and information are made available to you via Microsoft Teams. You learn using professionally compiled learning materials and video clips.

Your commitment will of course be rewarded. In the holidays you will have time to relax and let the acquired knowledge sink in. You will be informed about the holiday periods in good time by the school administration. What’s more, you can enjoy the general benefits of being a student. Any employee obligations such as those associated with the dual system of vocational training (alternating periods in school and at the training workplace) are eliminated completely. This means you have more freedom and thus more free time, enabling you to achieve your career goal without delay and with outstanding success.

You can apply directly at any time using our application form

If you meet the general requirements and also share our humanitarian values, there is a good to very good chance of your application being accepted. Take the quick check to see if we are a good match. Since there are only a limited number of places, we advise you to take the opportunity without much delay. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you had to wait half a year longer to begin the training?


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